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Shipping Policy

Because of conflicting state regulations affecting some of our client’s key products, they have elected to simplify matters by completing all sales in the State of Nevada. Title to all goods sold by our clients transfers to the buyer at the time of sale, and responsibility for shipment also passes to the buyer at that time. The goods you purchase from our clients are held in a secure independent warehouse that will receive notice of the sale, and we will connect you to a web page that will allow you to instruct the warehouse how and where your goods should be shipped. Your shipping order, sent to the warehouse via a separate shopping cart transaction, will involve making a payment for shipping services directly to the warehouse. By you taking responsibility for the shipment of your own purchases, our client does not involve itself in the interstate shipment of those goods. This dramatically reduces their legal risks of doing business while increasing the range of products they are able to offer on a nationwide basis. We recognize that their shipping policy imposes one more step in the purchase process on their customers, and we endeavor to reduce any inconvenience that may result from that policy.